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Women Stories From Qur'an

  • SERIES | Animation, Religious
    30 episodes | 25 min
  • Season 3 | 2013
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Associates for Media Production (AMP) played a leading role in the Arabic animation industry, by introducing the 1st animated religious and educational series for children. ""Women Stories from Qur'an"" is yet another project to dignify a long path of major achievements, expected to be released during the month of Ramadan 2013. Salma is the only daughter of Judge Safieddine, a tough-minded yet a soft-hearted-wise man known by his wisdom and integrity. He lost his wife a long time ago, and Salma, a motherless child at a tender age, was raised by a caretaker named Wadida. Salma had always dreamt of being a boy, for she had always thought girls are so belittled and unrecognized. Being a boy was so prevalent that Salma masqueraded in a soldier's clothing to take part in military trainings and exercises. When the story was disclosed to her father, he resolved to reveal to his daughter the significance of women and the value of their role in life and society. Through Women Stories from Qur'an, he opened her eyes and her heart to the most inspiring tales of legendary women - Eve, the Mother of Humanity, was his first story... "
  • Yehia El Fakharany
    Narrator - Judge
  • Hend Sabry
  • Dorra
  • Majed El Kadawani
    Chief of Police
  • Riham Abdel Ghafour
  • Rogina
  • Sawsan Badr
  • Ghassan Matar
  • Amro Abdel Aziz

  • Mostafa El Fermawi
  • Mohamad Bahjat