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Weak Point

  • SERIES | Drama, Romance
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2013
    Country of origin: Egypt
" It is called ""force of nature"", amazing, outstanding, confrontation beyond reason. ""Weak Point"", however, takes the charming lady-killer dentist into unchartered land. The question is: what will he do when he gets there? It is always good to see Omar Chennaoui - a smart upright dentist whose reputation for being the eternal bachelor revealed a long and complex emotional struggle. Little did he know that when he dated ""Nada"", he was about to kill the hope for any reconciliation with his bitter past, or with his long-loved ""Layla. ""Sara"" is his female version - a mirror to his dark side and bitter agony. Known for being an independent playful woman, she, too, hides a deep secret. With her, and them, in his life and a past dragging up endlessly, the day came when everything around Omar falls apart.

Finally, it seems the brokenhearted Casanova had just cracked. The more he looks back, the more he finds himself in the middle of a trap he never expected, and never wanted. The powerful force, his Weak Point, wants him caught...and the same goes for anyone who falls for him."
  • Jamal Suleiman
    Omar El Shenawi
  • Rania Farid Shawki
  • Feryal Youssef
  • Hala Fakher
  • Rogina
  • Fedra
  • Tarek El Ibiary
  • Riham Hagag
  • Nasser Seif
  • Mohamad Al Tagi

  • Shahira Salam
  • Ahmad Shafik