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  • SERIES | Drama
    32 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2010
    Country of origin: Iraq
As a civil engineer, Fairuz by chance joins one of the Jabali mega companies. After a while, she learns that the owner of all such companies is her biological father, Abdel Tawab, when she notices a picture of him in the office of his son Ismail. Fairouz had kept the one picture of her father, left by her mother Sabah, when Abdel Tawab was her husband. She then knew the picture corresponds to the same man - her father. The mother had so long loved her only daughter ; she sheltered her fearing the truth would only hurt her feelings, and she kept the true story of her father a secret. But after all those years, revenge is all what Fairuz seeks now. Blinded by hatred, she prepares herself to the long and ferocious battle - a battle against everyone, a battle against everything - nothing stands in her way. She believed in her cause as she and her mother were left to endure an unmerited pain and loneliness - everyone contributed to the crime. The father denied her, but she fought to redeem her rights; she fought with all her might, against all odds, despite of everything and in the face of everyone...
  • Abdel Mottaleb Al Sanid
  • Joumana Fouad
  • Hussein Ajjaj
  • Laila Samour
  • Hana Mohamad
  • Abdel Jabbar Charkawi

  • Karim Abdallah Mohammad
  • Ali Abou Seif