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Safia's Case

  • SERIES | Drama, Thriller
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2010
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Who is Safia? And what is her story? Is she the young woman who stood tall in the face of tyranny and injustice? In times of fear and cowardice, she found the courage to fight for what she believed is right! She resisted every temptation only to keep hold of her values and old beliefs; for that, she will pay the precious price... This is a notable work of modern narration and film making, aiming to challenge the minds of the audience all over the Arab world. The plot is well interlaced, gripping and enthralling, and events seem to identify the times of our lives, in a smooth and natural flow.  The ongoing theme presents itself with the interference of two theatrical elements:  
First: The dramatic events in their present tense.
Second: Past events conveyed with dramatic immediacy, apart from any reliance on subjective points of view. 

The main forerunner of the work is built upon a vivid consistency and interrelation of events and all scenes rely on real thematic importance, meaning to transmit a clear message of high values, solid ethics and unfailing human ideals. "
  • May Ezzedinne
  • Tarek Lotfy
  • Ahmed Al Saadani
  • Sameh Srayti
    Dr. Naim
  • Lotfy Labib
    Uncle Radwan
  • Donia Masri
  • Magdi Bader
  • Mohsen Mansour
    Mr. Shadi
  • Mohamad Taji
    The Mayor
  • Mimi Jamal

  • Ayman Salama
  • Ahmad Shafik