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Love & Peace

  • SERIES | Drama, Romance
    34 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2009
    Country of origin: Iraq
"Jamal Abboud escaped death inadvertently. His coffin - it arrived home. His parents - they buried him. Their life, wrapped up in deep sorrow. While him, in faraway lands, as far as Turkey and Syria, silently, weaving the threads of his fate, Jumping from one love to another, and his parents, from one death to another, his only son grew weary of a death story' lie, the brave death of the father, a father whose conscience in pain, decided to return back home He won't let death steal away his wife and only son.

To his old world, he returned, a dead-man-walking, heavy with thousand loss and defeats. All he left behind is destruction, No one wants him alive. Not even his wife, his mother, his father... His death has already put their lives in an inconsolable order. He then realized that life cannot be built around war and peace, Rather... around love and peace. With a pile of dried leaves, he wrapped himself again, and wrote this film series, inspired by a story that was never written, by a poet who was never born, His name... ""Jamal Abboud""."
  • Eyad Rady
    Jamal Abboud
  • Kazem Al Kourayshi
  • Rana Abyad
  • Ayman Reda
  • Abir Chamseddine
  • Zulfikar Khodor
  • Mohamad Khair El Jarrah
  • Shayma Raad
  • alaa hussein

  • Hamed Al Maliki
  • Thamer Ishac