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Karima Karima

  • SERIES | Comedy
    30 episodes | 45 min
  • Season 1 | 2009
    Country of origin: Egypt
"Karima is a strong and powerful young woman, issued from a poor family, wife to a humble government' employee, she is the mother to three children. To support her husband, Karima took a sewing and matchmaking profession, but she never knew that the money she gave her husband went to the hands of another woman. When her husband get killed in a car crash, Karima learns he was married to their neighbor's young daughter, the same girl Karima was trying to find a good husband in the neighborhood, and more, she even discovered that before his death, her husband inherited a large sum of money, hid it from her and her rival woman, who is pregnant with a twin. Now the money, which seemed to help Karima raise the family, will be divided between her and her children, her rival and her twin.

In her profound angst and concern, and seeking rescue from her deep lifetime poverty, Karima turns into a horribly stingy woman, but again another hope loomed over her, when she learnt that her aunt Farida, living alone in the suburban area, will be visiting Cairo after an alerting health decline, and that the aunt, in her testament, has conferred one third of her wealth to Karima, after her death. A delicate conflict arises between Karima and Farida, but Karima had to obey her aunt in the hope of gaining her bequest, while she found herself falling in love with her aunt's doctor. However, destiny seems to smile to Karima, she has become a successful business woman, investing in selling and manufacturing clothing and garments, but while the Aunt is on her deathbed, Karima realized that no gifts await her and that she is the one expected to donate the money, and all is left to the turn of the wheel of fortune. Who would restore the money back! And who would heal her from her killing avarice? Will she marry the doctor whom she so deeply loved...or will she build the orphanage in the name of her dear deceased aunt..."
  • Magida Zaki
  • Ezzat Abou Ouf
  • Lotfy Labib
  • May Kassab
  • Hajjaj Abdel Azim
  • mahmoud al joundi
  • Oussama Abbas
  • Souhair El Barouni
  • Tamer Yosri
  • Ramez Amir

  • Fida' El Shendawili
  • Mohammad Al Rashidi